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bundler: failed to load command: rspec

翻訳 · Introduction. This tutorial guides you through generating a new Rails 4 application with RSpec and Cucumber as testing tools.. If you’d like to learn how to set up a BDD stack on a Rails 5 application, this tutorial is the best next read for you. RSpec is a testing tool often used for writing unit tests, while Cucumber is a tool for writing acceptance tests. 翻訳 · Hi Peter, you are comparing apples with oranges: ProjectLibre and MS Project are single-user desktop applications. OpenProject is a webbased multi-user collaboration system. There 翻訳 · Now re-install your dependencies (to generate a new Gemfile.lock): $ bundle install For more information on why Postgres is recommended instead of Sqlite3, see why you cannot use Sqlite3 on Heroku.. In addition to using the pg gem, ensure that your config/database.yml file is using the postgresql adapter. The … Ruby master - Bug #8876 bundle exec rake spec 09/08/2013 09:15 AM - fbrusatti (Franco Brusatti) Status: Rejected Priority: Normal Assignee: charliesome (Charlie Somerville) 翻訳 · Developing Rails on docker-compose. How to set up and develop a Rails 5 application ... a self-healing mechanism, redundancy, and autoscaling—complete with a load balancer, service discovery ... We can override the command-line options for running a container, such as command, ports and volumes when using docker-compose. This way, we can use ...

CircleCI 2.0 + Ruby on Rails 5.x で bundle exec rspec コマンドでテストケースを実行させると、以下のようなエラーが発生しました。 bundler: failed to l … 翻訳 · I have this Gemfile: ```ruby ``` source 'https://rubygems.org' ruby '2.2.2' gem 'rspec' gem 'timecop' ``` producing this Gemfile.lock: ``` GEM remote: https ... 翻訳 · Docs Navigation Running RSpec specs in parallel Semaphore lets you run RSpec specs in parallel jobs.If you want to get faster feedback from CI, we recommend using Boosters to let Semaphore automatically parallelize your Rails test suite. Alternatively, you can try the knapsack gem. It will split tests across jobs and make sure that tests will run comparable time on each job. どうも、Dockerでいろいろやってます。そのなかでRubyアプリサーバのunicornを使おうとしたのですが、いろいろ詰まりました。半分日記みたいなもんです。unicornってのはあれですね、GitHubが落ちたときに表示されるキモイロゴのやつですね。 RAILS_ENVを意図的に設定しているとRSpecが動かない場面に遭遇するので気をつける、というメモ。 環境 rspec-rails (3.8.1) 該当記述 rails g rspec:install で生成されるファイルのテンプレートは以下のような記述になっている ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'te…

Prefacetothisedition ThanksforcheckingoutthiseditionofEveryday Rails Testing with RSpec.It’sbeen alongtimecoming,andalothaschanged.Ihopeyou’llfindyourpatiencehasbeen 翻訳 · Invoke the following commands in the same command prompt: REG QUERY "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor" REG QUERY "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor" Execute each line individually. Once you run it, will see something like this: HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor CompletionChar REGDWORD 0x9 翻訳 · Guard is a great tool for quickly running your Rails app tests/specs as your develop the code. As you edit and change the files in your app, Guard can trigger tests specific to the files you are modifying. If you’re using Docker to develop your app, however, running those tests/specs can be time consuming. 翻訳 · START_COMMAND — The default command to launch the application. Typically a stager determines the command to launch the application based on its language/framework and dependencies. START_PATH — The directory in which to start the application. Typically, stagers put the application in a /app directory. Relaunching a Stager 翻訳 · RSpec About the Tutorial RSpec is a unit test framework for the Ruby programming language. What this means is that, tests written in RSpec focus on the "behavior" of an application being tested.

翻訳 · How would I go about using ruby 1.9.3 to install the gems through Vagrant or even Chef-client? 翻訳 · Running `bundle install` looks as if everything installed just fine. Below is my log output if that helps at all. Ruby on Railsで、RSpec導入にあたって、 NoMethodError: undefined method use_transactional_fixtures=' for や、 bundler: failed to load command: rspec もしくは bundler: failed to load command: rspec NameError: uninitialized constant FactoryGirl と出た時のエラー処理についての記事です。 対処方法 まずは以下のコードが書かれているか ... 翻訳 · The contents of this file tells Guard what to do when we run the guard command. If we ran guard rspec then Guard would watch the specified files and execute the specified commands once any changes to those files had occurred. Note: because we only have one guard task, rspec, then that is run by default if we ran the command guard. 翻訳 · Scaling limits. Different dyno types have different limits to which they can be scaled. See Dyno Types to learn about the scaling limits.. Dyno formation. The term dyno formation refers to the layout of your app’s dynos at a given time. The default formation for simple apps will be a single web dyno, …

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